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I am a creative and data-driven events director and project manager, with 10 years of experience executing events and leading complex marketing programs. 


I bring to the table strategies from Fortune 100 companies and data-obsessed consulting firms, but also nonprofit organizations and high-end fashion. The amalgamation of my technical and artistic abilities is what make me the ultimate strategist. It allows me to meet my clients where they are, and build out processes, KPIs and deliverables that are digestible, compelling, and effective. I struck out on my own in order to continue to share my expertise in a wide array of settings, but to also allow for that ever-crucial work-life balance. As a mother of two, I put a high premium on both my time, and my clients' time, as I see time itself as the most precious resource.


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Marketing Strategy

My experience is abundant across marketing, including content development, audience segmentation, digital experience, lead generation, and brand management.

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Content Strategy

Ranging from content library gap analysis to the actual creation of new assets, I offer full-service content strategy support.

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Project Management

I have led a wide variety of complex projects, including PM tool implementation, experience mapping, strategic plan implementation, high-budget marketing campaigns.

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Social Media Strategy

I have been both a high-level social media strategist, as well as a hands-on ghost writer for executive level leaders in fortune 100 companies. 

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Event Direction

I have more than 8 years of experience producing events spanning New York Fashion Week, luxury weddings, corporate customer conferences, and VIP gatherings.

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Strategic Planning

I have helped teams implement long-term strategic plans, overhauling their organizations' operations, marketing, sales structure, and employee experience.

What does your team need?

Strategic Planning


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